Mitonomachi Halloween in GIFU2019.10.08

Author: 美殿町商店街

2018 Mitino-machi Halloween

【Time and Date】 4 p.m. Saturday, October 26th
In the case of rain, please refer to our website as to whether the event will be held or postponed to the next day, Sunday, October 27th.
If it rains on Sunday, the event will be cancelled.

【Place】 Mitono-machi Shopping Street (Candies will be distributed at the shops with a pumpkin lantern hanging at the front)

The following 28 shops, restaurants and bars will be joining the event.
小川屋本舗・COA・おきなや総本舗・すず弥・徒然舎・GALLERY KOHODO・小林漆陶・すずきや・彩菓もり・三共薬局・ミトノヘアー・ワールドエフ・モコ&キララ・安田屋家具店・中嶋祥雲堂・美殿屋漬物店・hachi・甘泉堂総本店・花倶楽部オザキ・ENISHI・百蔵・mirai・くまのゐ・河田帽子店・裕庵・さなえ食堂・OGUTEI・ハナマザパン)

【Fee to Participate】 Free to all

【Conditions for Participation】 
●This event is only for young children up to elementary school students.
●Please dress up in a costume.
●Don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat” to receive candies. (Candies are only for children)
●We ask that you don’t complain about candies.

■Children must be attended by a guardian at all times.
■Parents must keep watch over their children.
■We encourage adults to come in costume as well.
■Make sure to use the sidewalks as the street will not be closed to vehicles.
■There is no parking available on the Mitono-machi street. Please use public parking.
■The event will end once candies have run out.